Dear recruiter you are trying to find the best JEE / J2EE / Java Script talents in the world? Well, stop it!

The JEE technology doesn’t exists, this name is an error originated somehow and somewhere in the past. Between the Java community this definition is a joke to designate the low qualified employer/recruiter.

Unfortunately many big Java consulting companies, IT departments in finance and even the company with the Red chapeau are using this incorrect terminology nowadays.

This is a big warning sign of low technical quality. Not surprisingly, many talented Java developers avoid to work for these companies.

Luckily for you, dear recruiter, now you can show that you are better than them.

J2EE is a more complicated story, the technology existed (until 2006!!!) but has been progressively abandoned in the last 10 year replaced by Java EE and other frameworks (Spring). When you write J2EE the qualified Java developer read ‘Cobol and Friends’. Not many Java developers want to work with this technology that should exists only in museums. If you are sure that it’s really J2EE maybe add other informations like EJB 2.x and avoid to be derided qualifying the project ‘interesting’ or with any positive qualification. It’s only maintenance.

With Java Script maybe you wanted to write JavaScript and you did an unfortunate typo. JavaScript is a technology that has nothing to do with Java and the Script language doesn’t exist (yet). Maybe you are looking for people that can work with Java and JavaScript. If you write Java Script you confuse everybody.

Dear recruiter, if you want to work with the best java developers shows that you are one of the best recruiter and use the correct terminology: Java, Java EE, Spring etc. The Java community will be grateful.

I wrote this article because I still get jobs offers for JEE and J2EE. Please, refer to for more details.