Angular and JavaScript: export your data to CSV using Typescript

Npm: GitHub: Limitations: This method doesn’t work on Safari. Online example: Goal: easily export the table’s from your Angular or JavaScript application to Excel / CSV Very often in our professional web … Read More

Angular 2: how to import your css file with Webpack without errors

According to the Angular documentation load an external style file in a component is as easy as : template: ` <h2>{{}}</h2> <hero-team [hero]=hero></hero-team> <ng-content></ng-content> `, styleUrls: [‘app/hero-details.component.css’] This configuration is challenging when you have building … Read More

Add highlight.js to an Angular 2 application

With the goal to build my own blog application (for educational purposes) I integrated the highlight.js library in the demo application. At the moment there are problems with safari and mobile platforms, a js error … Read More